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Russian TV stations recently aired two documentaries about UFO’s, a real treat for the Russian ufologists, a community of enthusiasts studying unidentified flying objects.

The films are particularly notable for the UFO accounts by high-raking Soviet and Russian Navy and Air Force officers.

Information relating to UFO’s was strictly classified in the USSR. Some of the enthusiasts who spread samizdat booklets with articles on the subject compiled from the foreign media were at times taken to the KGB for questioning.

The funniest thing is that the KGB has allegedly had a special unit designed to gather and monitor all pieces of information regarding mystical and unexplained phenomena reported inside and outside the Soviet Union. An article published some time ago by a Madrid magazine Mas Alla probably indicates that the above allegations hold water. The magazine also published several stills from a film by U.S. TV station TNT affiliated with CNN.

Both the magazine and film say that in 1968 the KGB supposedly took possession of an UFO, which had either crashed or been shot down by the Soviet air defense. The Soviet secret police were alleged to have obtained the body of a humanoid in the cockpit. The body was thoroughly examined in an anatomy department of the Semashko Medical Institute in Moscow. The TV station claims that the film was based on a footage of the incident provided by one Pavel Klimchenkov, a former KGB officer. According to TNT officials, the documents are a deliberate “leak” to the media.

Klimcheko flashed his allegedly genuine ID on camera as though he was proving that he really was a retired KGB officer. He did not elaborate on the “leak” and said nothing as to its purposes. Therefore, the mystical story should draw comments on the official level, according to the magazine. There has been no response from the Russian authorities so far.

British actor Roger Moore, one of the two most famous Bonds, was hired by TNT to spike the film with a flavor of sensationalism. He presented the story based on the events that took place near the town of Berezniki in the Urals in 1968.

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